Le Monde: The “secret” revealed by Macron through statements about sending troops to Ukraine. “All allied states are present in Ukraine”

French President Emmanuel Macron has “lifted the veil” on the already effective presence of members of various Western intelligence services on Ukrainian territory, French newspaper Le Monde notes, referring to recent statements by the French leader that sending troops to Ukraine is not excluded.

The remarks, made on Feb. 26 at the end of a conference in Paris on support for Ukraine, caused controversy internationally. Three days later, Macron said every word spoken then had been “weighed” and “measured.”

“The fact that, on Monday, February 26, the head of state took care to specify that the talks were only about sending troops ‘officially, assumed and approved’, also implicitly lifted the veil on the already effective presence of professionals from various Western services on Ukrainian territory,” writes Le Monde.

Since the beginning of the war more than two years ago, “the entry and exit into Ukraine of numerous state actors belonging to the sphere of Western intelligence services, often with military status, has been an inherent feature of the conduct of the war, be they members of undercover diplomatic personnel, ‘advisers’ introduced into Ukrainian headquarters or special forces of all kinds.”

“The actions of these services are, by their nature, clandestine and therefore outside the law of war,” explained Vincent Crouzet, a former employee of France’s General Directorate of External Security (DGSE).

Basically, the presence of these professionals in Ukraine is a “secret” that everyone knows.

“All allied states are present in Ukraine. They are not combat units, but they are representatives of all intelligence services, for example. If there are arms deliveries, there must be people to give information on how the equipment is used on the spot,” a Ukrainian diplomatic source said.

Emmanuel Macron said on Feb. 26 that “there is no consensus on the deployment of ground troops in an official, intentional and approved manner” in Ukraine, but “nothing should be ruled out.”

The next day, the White House rejected the idea of sending troops to Ukraine.

“President Biden has been clear that the United States will not send soldiers to fight in Ukraine,” National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said.

Similar reactions came from leaders in Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Later, a reaction also came from Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said in his annual address to the nation on Feb. 29 that Western countries risk provoking nuclear war if they send troops to fight in Ukraine.

“(Western nations) need to understand that we also have weapons that can hit targets on their territory. All of this poses a real threat of conflict with the use of nuclear weapons, which means the destruction of civilization. Do they really not understand this?!” the Kremlin leader said.

Photo: Hepta