FIFA president rejects blue card introduction in football: ‘We have to be serious’


“FIFA is totally opposed to the blue card. There is no question. We have to be serious. We are always open to analyze ideas and proposals. But you also have to protect the game, the essence of the game, the tradition of the game,” Infantino said.

International media reported that IFAB, the governing body that manages the rules of the game and has the power to modify and innovate, could test punishing players with blue cards, noted. More specifically, giving a blue card for protests or fouls meant that the player was forced to sit on the sidelines for ten minutes.

Already tested in Wales, the blue card was to be used in various competitions, but not in high-level competitions such as the European Championship or the Champions League.

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin also expressed reluctance to face the blue card, saying it would mean “the death of football”.