Viktor Orban, on Radio Kossuth: “Part of Ukraine is Hungarian land.” The statements were later removed from the interview posted on YouTube


Viktor Orban, in the interview on Radio Kossuth:

This piece of the interview, in which Orban talked about the territorial integrity of Ukraine, was cut from the final material, which was uploaded to his YouTube channel, noted journalist Rita Benyó, from Szabad Európa.

Prime Minister’s Press Service: Technical Issues

Secretary of State Havasi Bertalan, who heads Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s press service, explained that the prime minister’s interview was broadcast simultaneously on YouTube and Facebook, “but the youTube signal was interrupted a few times, then recovered by itself.”

The full, uncut version of the conversation with the Prime Minister is available the audio sharing website Soundcloud. Statements about Ukraine start at 12.00.

Last month, Orban had declared that “Ukraine is an economically non-existent country, and the question is whether we will save Ukraine. As soon as the United States and the European Union decide to stop funding the Ukrainian state, the war will be over.”

And in March, Budapest announced that Hungary would not arrest Russian President Vladimir Putin if he entered Hungarian territory, “as there would be no legal basis.”

The “obsession” of Greater Hungary

At the “Peace and Security” conference, held last month at the Palace of Culture in Budapest, Peter Szijarto, hungary’s foreign minister, spoke about the desire of the whole world, “except NATO”, to end the war in Ukraine, having in the background the map of Greater Hungary, which includes territories belonging to ukraine today.

Greater Hungary (Hungarian: Nagy-Magyarország) is a revisionist political concept aimed at returning Hungary to the borders it had before 1918, when the multinational state structure of Austria-Hungary existed.

Viktor Orban was harshly criticized by his European neighbours for making propaganda to “Greater Hungary” at a friendly football match on November 20 last year.