Unvaccinated COVID players will not be paid for NBA games in which they are not allowed to play

The NBA’s health protocol for the 2021-2022 season, still under negotiation, will not require mandatory COVID vaccination of players, but authorities in the cities of New York and San Francisco have issued municipal orders that require vaccination to enter sports arenas. Against this backdrop, NBA spokesman Mike Bass announced Wednesday that athletes who won’t be able to play because they aren’t vaccinated won’t be paid, LEquipe reports, according to News.ro.

“Players who choose not to comply with local vaccination obligations will not be paid for missed matches,” the NBA spokesperson said in a press release.

While representatives of the New York Knicks have announced that all of their staff are vaccinated, these measures could have consequences for those at the Brooklyn Nets and Golden State Warriors, whose stadium is in San Francisco.

The rules apply to teams in the two cities, not to athletes from visiting teams.