Edi Iordănescu left FCSB. Coach’s message: “I woke up in this unpleasant moment without being prepared for it”


Edi Iordănescu came to FCSB in August 2021 and had a contract until the end of the season, with a salary of 15,000 euros per month and a termination clause of 500,000 euros. The coach left the Bucharest group, although the record was a very good one: 8 wins, two draws and two defeats.

The announcement was made on Facebook on Sunday and by the FCSB.

“FCSB announces that it has reached an agreement with Edward Iordănescu for the termination of the contract, without financial claims from either party. Our club thanks him for his involvement and effort in the management of the team and wishes him much success in the future!” is the message on the FCSB team’s Facebook page.

Disturbed by the criticism received lately from the owner Gigi Becali, Edi Iordănescu left FCSB, although the team was going through a very good moment, having 7 victories and a draw in Ligue 1, according to GSP.

Gigi Becali confirmed the separation from Edi Iordănescu, revealing that she did not want to receive compensation.

“We got along. He said he didn’t want anything extra. Just his work. I wanted to give him the money in December as well, but he didn’t want to. I wanted to give him the money until the end of the contract, but he didn’t accept. I appreciated that. Bravo’s. He asked for 500,000, but he realized he had a few months left on his contract,” Becali told the quoted source.

Also today a reaction came from the FCSB coach.

“If I didn’t manage to get Gigi Becali to give up getting directly involved in the team with a concrete contract, it means that no one will succeed in that. I’m sorry because I came with an open heart to do good things, but unfortunately it couldn’t. I am waiting for him to send the lawyers to sign the termination,” Edi Iordănescu told Pro TV and Sport.ro.

He also reacted on Facebook and said he couldn’t make much of a point on the subject.

“My intentions were from day one exclusively constructive and I actually found myself in this unpleasant moment without being prepared for it. My focus was total for the team. One mention. I felt MM Stoica all the time extremely motivated, to be involved, close to me and the team and with permanent efforts to help the good collaboration between me and the club / patron”, stressed Edi Iordănescu.

FCSB is in second place in Ligue 1 with 31 points after 15 rounds. The leader is the CFR champion with 39 points.