Adrian Mutu’s mother, for Libertatea: “He went to football at 6 years and 7 months, to the selection, then he came home and scolded me”

Adrian Mutu, 43, released his autobiography, “The Return from the Inferno”, an event at which was both family, and friends, and football stars, and about 300 sympathizers. Freedom tells you how they lived the moment dearest to the being in the life of the “Brilliant”.

Adrian Mutu, 43, released his autobiography, “The Return from the Inferno”, in Cluj-Napoca on Saturday, one day before the official retirement match that was played at the largest Transylvania stadium, Cluj Arena.

Journalist Cătălin Oprişan, Thiago, Adrian Mutu and Codin Maticiuc

In addition to his large family, here “The Brilliant” includes close friends, somewhere over 20 people, as he appears in a photo taken for Libertatea, the current rapid coach also had gala guests at the launch, from Codin Maticiuc to former great footballers Claude Makelele, David Trezeguet, Mirel Rădoi, Bogdan Stelea, Giani Kiriţă, Ciprian Marica and Ionuț Rada. Of course, the wife, Sandra, the youngest son, Thiago, and his mother, Rodica, were present at the same table as the former footballer’s mother-in-law.

Wife and son of Mutu

Thiago, 5, roamed through the tables with a bottle of juice in his hand, and at one point he hid behind the billboard with his father’s face, imitating the play “of hide and seek”, and then came into Adrian’s arms. The little one collected as many bookmarks as possible and was also impressed by the moment: “I also want to write a book when I’m big. But I don’t like to give interviews.” Thiago found his play buddies, then knocked the ball on the edge of the field with them, and he and Edi Stăncioiu’s child made a gallery for the fathers.

Little Thiago and Daddy’s book

“The Perfect Daddy”

Elegantly dressed, in a smiling black outfit, Sandra Mutu wanted to compliment her man. “It’s a very emotional moment, I’m very proud of it. In fact, I am proud every day for all that she has achieved over time and I hope that from now on she will have only beautiful projects, as beautiful as before. He’s the perfect daddy. He’s a family husband, very loving, he gets involved in everything that family means, in Thiago’s upbringing,” Sandra said.

“I hope to compete as a coach”

Adrian’s mother, Rodica Mutu, had a stack of cards in her hand. One wanted to offer it to Razvan Simion, the star of Antena 1, but the TV man assured her: “I kiss my hand, but I bought it!”. “The emotions are not very high, I knew that at some point he would make this book. It was a little earlier, that’s it. For me it’s not something out of the ordinary, I’m proud of what Adrian has accomplished and what he’s going to accomplish. I hope that the coach will surpass the value of the footballer”, confessed the mother of the “Brilliant” (in the main photo in front of Mutu,

“Why were you born in 1979 and not in 1978?! ”

She agreed, for Libertatea, to tell a childhood story of her boy: “She went to football at 6 years and 7 months, for selection, then she came home and scolded me. ‘They didn’t get me because I didn’t fit in age! Why were you born in 1979 and not in 1978?! So, I was in football now,’ he said upset. He didn’t do more mischief than others his age, he saw his football. He was in love with the stadium in Trivale, that’s where you could find him all the time. My man, being a mathematician, wanted to pull him towards the book, towards mathematics. He told him not to fool, to choose either football or the book. I said let him do whatever he wants”, said Rodica Mutu.

The message from the middle of the day

The mother also has a superstition regarding her son: “I don’t talk to him before the game, on the day of the game, not when he was a footballer, nor now as a coach. I give him a message on match day at 12.00. I’m just saying this: ‘Good luck and God be with you!’ ”.

“The Return from the Inferno” written together with the journalist Cătălin Oprișan costs 49 lei – it is already available to order online, on the website of the Publishing House, Bookzone, and starting next week in all bookstores across the country. From the information received from the publishing house, the book has a first circulation of 15,000 copies.