A New Zealand MP who was in labor went on her bike to hospital to give birth

Julie Anne Genter, a member of Parliament from New Zealand, brought a healthy baby girl into the world on Sunday. The 41-year-old Genter, who had already gone into labor, went to hospital on a cargo bike and an hour later gave birth, Reuters reports.

“Great news! This morning, at 3.04, we welcomed the newest member of our family. Honestly, I wasn’t planning to pedal in full labor, but it ended well. My contractions were not so bad when I left, at 2 am, for the hospital, although they were 2-3 minutes away from each other and they increased in intensity until I arrived, 10 minutes later,” Julie Anne Genter wrote on her Facebook page.

“And now, amazingly, we have a healthy and happy little girl who sleeps – just like her father,” she added.

Genter, who has dual U.S. and New Zealand citizenship, arrived at the hospital also on a bicycle in 2018 when she gave birth to her first child.

In 2018, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern returned to work just six weeks after giving birth, becoming the first prime minister in the country’s history of 5 million inhabitants to take maternity leave during his tenure. Later, Arden went with his three-month-old daughter to a United Nations meeting, because he was still breastfeeding at the time.